Information Outreach Program

Educational Handouts

​We have prepared handouts on the following topics ... 

  • Impacts of leaf burning. This handout explains how leaf burning negatively impacts human health and clean air in Elkhart County, and outlines steps you can take to better manage your leaf and yard waste. To view this handout, click here.

  • Safe burning. This handout outlines the open burning regulations set forth in 326 IAC 4-1, explaining what can be burned and how it can be burned. To view this handout, click here.

  • Composting. This handout explains how you can use your leaves to create effective (and free!) soil amendments for your lawn or garden. Learn how to make leaf compost, leaf mold, or leaf mulch using materials you have at home. To view this handout, click here.

  • Homeowners: Are you interested in hiring a landscaper to help you will fall and spring leaf pickup? The Elkhart County Leaf Management Landscaper List is a list of landscapers who are available to assist unincorporated residents of Elkhart County with spring and fall leaf pickup. The information page includes contact information, services offered, and rates. Click here to access the list.

  • If you are a homeowner and have any questions about a specific landscaper's services, please contact them directly.​

  • If you are a landscaper and would like to be added to the list, please email


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