For your school to receive the top cash prize of $3,000 and become a Gold-Leaf Certified school, you must earn at least three credits in each of the following categories. Every semester your school participates, you must submit a completed semester report formBe sure to include any supplementary items necessary to verify each of your completed challenges (e.g., photographs, meeting minutes, confirmation emails) in your email, ideally all bundled together in one cohesive PDF. If you do not receive a confirmation email in 2 business days, email Joevita at <> to make sure we received your form. Please, also, submit this feedback form to help us improve the program.  


Please be aware that the ultimate goal of this program is to educate and motivate students to recycle and reduce waste. Therefore, while it is not required for all challenges, we encourage you to include students in challenge activities as much as possible. 


Waste/energy reduction

Food Waste/


Classroom activities/

lesson plans


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Compost bins NOT available for pickup on Saturday


Elkhart County Solid Waste Management District

Elkhart County Landfill

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